The Moodle environment allowed teachers to develop their skills and Knowledge and enables our blended learning methodology.

Moodle Administrator: Katt Matthews

PD coordinator: Junita Lyon

Project manager: Josie Rose

The Moodle has been developed with the help from E-Works .

Teacher support:

Katt with Junita as support offered weekly webinars for those on the project to teach them all aspects of course development in Moodle and offer mentoring for the blended learning model for each organization..
Courses set up in the Moodle reflect the request and needs of the learners at each organization.
The project purchased a teacher training course entitled 21st Century Skills for the project and this has been delivered once to teachers in Gippsland.
This has been offered with the pre-accredited Prepare to Study course ( obtained through YNH services) to all organizations that wish to trial it.


A teacher training area was set up in the Moodle for teachers to develop and share ideas, all had access to each others work .
This area is available for all teachers so they can develop and trial their courses with the guidance and assistance of Katt

It was decided that Moodle Mentoring by Katt Matthews and Junita Lyon would be available over the duration of the project. 1 hr each Tuesday.

Detailed report on Moodle delivery to date:

Organisational areasin Moodle have completed - each organisation was set up as a category and is ready to populate with courses or units of study by the organisations with the assistance of Katt.

Buchan:Wiki Buchan.JPG

Demystifying Windows 8 ( 12 Learners)- a course developed for those upgrading to windows 8 from earlier versions of the Windows operating system as well as some learners new to Windows 8
at Orbost who attend from the Orbost Neighbourhood Resource Centre under the guidance and support of their IT trainer. Junita Lyon traveled to Orbost to initially set them up, then Kathryn Matthews delivered, dened and developed the course online with facilitation support from Junita
Orbost Neighbourhood House have since the end of this course enquired about further training.
There are also students attending from Heyfield Community Resource Centre and Malacoota Community House. Webinars were held weekly complimented by resources and activities in the Moodle for learners to work through during the week.
Technology Skills for Success ( 4 learners) - a learning activity bank to support face to face sessions.
This course is a basic digital literacy course to prepare learners for online study options. Face to face classes are run from the Buchan Neighbourhood House by Ev Schmidt and Junita Lyon each week with learners working on their own devices completing tasks in basic digital literacy and supported by learning materials and activities within Moodle.


Heyfield Community Resource Centre:

Prepare for Study (8 Learners) - Delivering a Prepare to Study course developed by YNH Services, this course prepares learners for return to study (further education pathways) and employment options as blended delivery with face to face sessions held at Heyfield Community resource Centre and Moodle activities and resources.
Heyfield see the benefits of blended delivery and were part of the first successful TELC demonstration teaching learners at Heyfield Facebook.

Noweyung Ltd:

Prepare for Study - Currently using the prepare to study pre-accredited course as a course shell to populate with their own learning materials and resources to use with their Hospitality learners. It is envisioned that this course will be ready for delivery in second term 2014.
Noweyung provides service to people with disabilities and has embraced the blended learning and have started developing online activity's for their Hospitality learners.
Sharon Hyatt has attended all webinars and developed the skills to manage her organizations blended delivery
Noweyung w.jpg


GEST (Gippsland Employment Skills Training) :

Prepare for Study - (pre-accredited )
Work Effectively in the Community Sector (unitsfrom the Aged Care Training Package)
Both courses have been recently uploaded into Moodle for GEST - both are currently being prepared for population in readiness for learners to access in Term 3 2014.
Mandy Billingsley from GEST has been very proactive and has developed a series of 4 videosto explain in detail, her course development and the rationale.

Teacher Resource Development Reports