The development of an extensive e-skills matrix for Gippsland Learn Locals by Gippsland Learn Locals.
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This matrix will focus solely on pre-accredited training using a blended delivery model to assist in increasing the eLearning potential of Learn Locals.

The focus of this matrix will be pre-accredited training in a blended delivery model and aims to assist Learn Local organisations identify strengths, set priorities for development and plan strategies to develop eLearning potential.

It will describe skills & resources for a supported, instructor-led classroom delivery model, webinars and virtual classrooms, Learning Management Systems, Video Conferencing (TELC) and examples of blended delivery using these technologies.

These have been organised into the following categories:
  • Learner requirements such as resources and prerequisite skills
  • Organisational resources/requirement such as data shows, internet access and computers
  • Teacher capability such as digital literacy skills

For more information contact: Fiona Ross:

Click on the buttons below to access the draft matrices. We encourage you to read them through and give some feedback via the short feedback survey accompanying each matrix.We have also included here a link to the e-skills matrix introduction webinar session which will give you a little background and explanation the how and why of these matricies. Click on the link below to access the Blackboard Collaborate recording:

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