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The Flipped Classroom

What is the Flipped classroom Model?

The flipped classroom is a pedagogical model where the face to face and homework elements are reversed.

Videos are watched by learners at home then the face to face time is devoted to discussing the videos, completing activity's and projects related to the video.. The learner is able to watch the 10-15 minute video as many times as they wish. Not all students learn at the same pace so his allows the learner time to revisit and absorb the information ..Engagement is essential for learning, the flipped Classroom allows for a stronger learner-facilitator interaction, this helps promote a deeper and higher level of thinking as the videos are created to be concise. The video will contain all of the learning needed to grasp the concept the facilitator is teaching. The face to face will then offer discussion around what the learners have taken from the video.

Collaboration, teamwork and sharing of information then become part of the lesson. This allows for learners that may struggle in building their knowledge the traditional way time to digest the information at a pace they can handle.

The Gippsland learn and Connect project aims to integrate good practice in flipped learning as part of its online course design.
Below are some links and videos to flipped learning resources.

Some good websites

Jackie Gerstein

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