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2013 - 2014


The aim of the Gippsland Connect Project is to strengthen key provision to our learners across Gippsland with the main outcome of this project being to increase capacity, effectiveness and sustainability of Learn Local provision to better meet learner needs.
The Gippsland Connect Project involves engaging with Gippsland Learn Locals, learners and stakeholders in two key areas:
1. Technology and blended learning:
  • Developing an extensive e-skills matrix for Gippsland Learn Locals to deliver pre-accredited training in a blended format, from online in the classroom to a 50% blended delivery design.
  • Assessing current technical systems, the education applicability of those systems and the organisational capacity – teacher skills and learner skills - of Learn Locals to deliver blended learning.
  • Mentoring, professional development and targeted advice in the education and technical requirements, including more strategic purchases of IT equipment, for Learn Locals to undertake blended delivery successfully and increase their effectiveness in this type of delivery.
  • Building participation in the Gippsland Learn and Connect Moodle by leveraging the blended learning partnership between Buchan Neighbourhood House, CAE and Federation Training (West) to include more Gippsland Learn Locals.

2. Forming partnerships and marketing pre-accredited training:
  • Sourcing and brokering new partnerships in pre-accredited delivery, including blended delivery, for Learn Locals with other Learn Locals or with other stakeholders.
  • Finding ways, through partnering and blended learning, for Learn Locals to provide pre-accredited training in Gippsland towns which currently have no pre-accredited training options.
  • Mentoring, support and professional development for Learn Locals in developing their business cases for undertaking blended learning, in finding new learners and new learner markets and in marketing, including positioning the Learn Local brand in the education mix in Gippsland.towns which currently have no pre-accredited training options.

This project is needed for two clear reasons:
  • Gippsland Learn Locals and stakeholders have said they want support with entering the blended learning environment and help with partnering, finding new learners and marketing, particularly in how they can support the positioning of Learn Local in the education mix at a local level, and
  • Gippsland Learn Locals have participated enthusiastically in e-mentoring and want to link into technology-enabled learning provided by the Federation Training Technology Enabled Learning Centres (TELCs) and the Gippsland Learn Local Moodle but they are not sure how to do this. They want to create a successful teaching and learning environment and to understand what technology and technical expertise they need to do it.

This project addresses these key objectives and actions as identified by the sector:
  • Facilitate the connection of Learn Locals to TELCs and to other institutions for online training delivery
  • Develop the knowledge of technology and the practical aspects of online delivery.
  • Build partnerships by establishing an entity to foster and promote partnerships in the Learn Local sector and beyond in Gippsland.
  • Build expertise in Gippsland Learn Locals in finding, engaging and meeting the needs of learners.
  • Build the capacity of Learn Locals to market and position the Learn Local brand in the education mix in their communities.

The expected impact will be:
  • Improved access to education for learners
  • Improved pathways to learning
  • Improved capacity for Learn Locals to deliver training, both pre-accredited and accredited,training in their communities
  • More targeted delivery of SCH through partnerships.

Partnership contributors
The Gippsland Connect Project has been developing under the leadership of Buchan Neighbourhood House, Heyfield Neighbourhood House, and Berry Street with the support of the following organisations:
  • Gippsland East Learn Local Alliance (GELLA)
  • Noweyung Ltd
  • Federation Training (West)
  • East Gippsland Shire
  • Lakes Entrance Neighbourhood House
  • Baw Baw Latrobe Local Learning and Employment Network
  • Cooinda Hill

For more information about or to register your interest to be involved in this project contact:

Josie Rose – E-learning project manager and networker for partnerships and marketing
0409 1981 23
josrose@tpg.com.au or josie.rose@cae.edu.au

Evelyn Schmidt – Lead Agent
51 559 216

Jane Barr –Project partner: partnerships and marketing pre-accredited training