Gippsland Connect Telc Consultations

Venue East Gippsland Community and Education Hub



Using Federation Training polycom system together with Federation Training Bairnsdale and Gippsland Connect Project Worker Katt Mathews at home in Baxter, on the Mornington Peninsula.
Thee screen shows all 3 sites. When using PowerPoint only the PPP is displayed on the screen.


The Centre has purchased a large screen smart TV as part of the GELLA regional council project CAIF to enhance learning opportunities at the Hub. The GELLA UMBRELLA Round 6 CAIF grant is developing the establishment, use and promotion of the Site as a Learn Local TELC Centre.
telc 2.jpg

As a TELC Room.

Curtin’s in the room allow for easy viewing.
As the monitor is placed along the long wall. Half the room can be used for easy viewing

Requirements for use

There are two remote controls that need to be collected from staff and are not available in the room to avoid unauthorised use.

It is suggested that anyone that uses the equipment will require training even if they have used other systems previously. Recommended that a user manual be established. There is currently some information but more detail is probably required.

If using the Nowyung wifi the security pin is required

Internet Connection

The system was used with a 4G wifi and worked without any problems
The Nowyung wiki system was also tested and worked fine however if there were other users on this wifi it may effect the connection.


The smart TV has built in speakers and microphone that we were not aware of and we used our own equipment which worked very well, however it would be good to come back and test the built in equipment
Training required.

This is a high tech monitor that requires training in its use and set up as well as a manual.

Evelyn Schmidt