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The following checklists have evolved from the deliverables of the Gippsland Connect Project to develop an E Skills matrix to support blended delivery in pre-accredited learning programs.

Results of a phone survey of Learn Local organisations in the Gippsland region indicated that a checklist would be the most practical format to present this planning tool.

The following checklists have been designed to identify skills and resources that teachers, learners and organisations need to undertake these four established delivery methods including:
  • Web-in-Class
  • Learning management systems – Moodle
  • Webinar
  • Technology Enabled Learning Centres

A mix and match approach of the above delivery methods can be used to form a blend of learning activities which provide flexibility in delivering learner centred courses and focus on the development of digital skills.
The checklists are supported by examples and resources applicable to learners, teachers and organisations including a learner profile for the whole Gippsland region. They also include an action plan template for planning purposes.

The original draft of the proposed matrix is available online: E Skills Matrix

We hope that these checklists are useful in developing delivery strategies that extend pre-accredited learning opportunities for the diverse region of Gippsland.
The Gippsland Connect Team
Contact: Josie Rose
E-learning Project Manager and Networker for Partnerships and Marketing

Download the final checklists here
ResourcesResources to support the checklists are available by following these links.
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