PD Day Morwell 5th December

We sent out an invitation to the Learn Locals throughout Gippsland and conducted a PD day around the online course Katt has added to the Moodle from Pauline Wilson at YNH Services. The day was a success and we introduced everyone to our Moodle and the prepare to study course.
Those that had not been to the TELC before were taken on a tour by Malcolm Jolly as he demonstrated how the TELCs teleconferencing equipment and software worked.

Attendees to PD day
Cooinda Hill
3 http://www.cooindahill.asn.au/
1 http://www.noweyung.org.au/
2 http://gest.acfe.vic.edu.au/
2 http://paynesvillenc.acfe.vic.edu.au/
2 http://heyfield.net/
1 http://www.tnlh.org.au/
4 http://buchan.vic.au/
1 http://www.cae.edu.au/web/

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Introduction to Prepare for Study
Katt Matthews and Junita Lyon introduced the participants to the Moodle that Katt has been developing over the last few months which is hosted by E-Works.
The participants on the day were introduced to Moodle and where able to experience first hand an online course that they have been invited to complete.
This will give them a true experience of how a student navigates the Moodle platform and how they can develop their own online courses. It shares ideas for instructional design and offers networking and shared learning. On the day the participants went into the Moodle and completed a couple of activities prepared for them. They were shown around the Moodle by Katt and given instruction on how to change profile and passwords and navigate the site.
The Presentation links are below.
Presentation PD Day
Presentation PD Day


‘180 Degrees of Reflection’
The Afternoon session was delivered by Josie Rose and Fiona Ross who discussed how to complete AFrames for the course and offered moderation PD days and online Moderation . Josie invited the participants to join her for some further PD in February.
The 180 degrees of reflection will sit within the Moodle as one of the courses on offer