Participating Organisations


**Buchan Neighbourhood House**

Project Lead
Buchan have good internet connection and have access the internet using 3G and satellite they have a bank of PC,s, Tablets and IPad.

Buchan have populated their area with 2 courses;
Demystifying Windows 8 ( 12 Learners)- a course developed for those upgrading to windows 8 from earlier versions of the Windows operating system as well as some learners new to Windows 8 at Orbost who attend from the Orbost Neighbourhood Resource Centre under the guidance and support of their IT trainer. There are also students attending from Heyfield Community Resource Centre and Malacoota Community House. Webinars are held weekly complimented by resources and activities in the moodle for learners to work through during the week.

Technology Skills for Success ( 4 learners) - a learning activity bank to support face to face sessions. This course is a basic digital literacy course to prepare learners for online study options. Face to face classes are run from the Buchan Neighbourhood House by Ev Schmidt and Junita Lyon each week with learners working on their own devices completing tasks in basic digital literacy and supported by learning materials and activities within Moodle.
**Lakes Entrance Neighbourhood House**

Partnering project
Lakes Entrance have good internet connection and a significant bank of PC,s Laptops and Tablets and iPads they are not participating at this stage in the Moodle.
**Noweyung Ltd**

Disability Training services
Noweyung are moving to a new server and upgrading computers that will allow better internet access.

Noweyung Ltd will develop the Prepare for Study - Currently using the prepare to study course as a course shell to populate with their own learning materials and resources for their own resources and materials to use with their Hospitality learners.Sharon Hyatt and Glenda McPhee with the assistance of the hospitality teacher have started creating activitys in Moodle for Learners. It is envisioned that this course will be ready for delivery in Second Term 2014.

Gippsland Employment Services Training
RTO Accredited
GEST have had a number of issues with their Internet Connection and have employed a company to manage their server. They are currently investigating what programs are needed to implement blended delivery.

Vesna from Gest has been working with Josie Rose to develop an online course. GEST feel comfortable that there trainer Sharon Kuill will have enough knowledge of Moodle to manage populating the Moodle without assistance.

Mandy from GEST has developed a job search course in the Moodle, she has developed a knowledge of course development in Moodle
Prepare for Study -

Work Effectively in the Community Sector -
Both courses have been recently unpacked into Moodle for GEST - both are currently being prepared for population in readyiness for learners to access in Term 2 2014.
Heyfield Resource Centre
Heyfield have excellent internet and are pro active

Heyfield Community Resource Centre trialed the first Telc online session teaching Facebook to learners with the teachers at Gippstafe and Learners at Heyfield .
This trial was a complete success.:
The next course to be delivered using a blended model was Prepare for Study with (8 Learners) this course was developed by YNH Services, and prepares learners for return to study (further education pathways) and employment options as blended delivery with face to face sessions held at Heyfield Community resource Centre and Moodle activities and resources
Heyfield will deliver prepare to study and windows 8 with Buchan NH.
Pre Accredited
Paynesville are still at the beginners stage as Lorraine Heywood is still very new to the online environment and has attended a number of webinars to gain more knowledge and skills.

The centre is interested in developing a return to study and return to work online course through the Moodle.
Paynesville will need further training.

cooinda hill.JPG
CooindaHill are still undecided about a blended delivery at the centre and have chosen to wait till they decide what they will deliver. They have attended the PD days to learn more.