Members of the Steering Committee


Purpose for the Steering Committee
  • To provide advice and feedback to the project team about the effectiveness and ongoing development of the project plan in terms of meeting the needs of the participating organisation’s strategic objectives and their learner cohorts.
  • To provide input into the development of online learning systems that will benefit the wider Gippsland Learn Local and VET sector.
  • To provide advice on action research procedures, tools and methodologies to ensure the project outcomes are met.
  • To promote the project and its outcomes to the wider Gippsland teaching and learning community.

Below is a copy of the Terms of reference.

Robyn Downie
Manager, Stakeholder & Regional Support
Pathways & Participation Division, DEECD
Malcolm Jolly
TELC Project Coordinator
Evelyn Schmidt
Coordinator Buchan Neighbourhood House
Junita Lyon
Project Officer
Josie Rose
Project Manager
Bruce Smith
Social Planner East Gippsland Shire Council
Gayle Webster
Coordinator Lakes Entrance Neighbourhood House
Glenda McPhee
Community Development manager Noweyung Inc