Webinar stands for ‘web-based seminar’ and is a presentation, a lecture, seminar or workshop which is accessed via the internet using video conferencing software which allows synchronous, interactive communication between participants. A webinar is often a one-off event or a short series of events.

To ensure a smooth running webinar, it is good practice to have a co-presenter who can support the presenter or take over the session should there be any issues affecting the presenter. The co-presenter’s skills reflect the skills of the main presenter.

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Video Conferencing Software

Video conferencing software allows communication through video and audio via an internet connection. This website provides an explanation of video conferencing software and its features.

What is web conferencing software?

There are many examples of video conferencing platforms. Most allow a free trial so that you can experience the different features they offer. Here are four examples:

Skype for Business

Adobe Connect

Black Board Collaborate

Wiz Iq


Six Tips for New Presenters Adobe Connect Blog
Here are some tips to help you present via video conferencing software.

Managing Bandwidth
Available bandwidth can affect the quality of audio and video during webinars. Features of video conferencing software use different amounts: For example: Text transfer uses minimal while video transfer requires high amounts. This information is available for the different video conferencing platforms.
For example: Skype for Business https://technet.microsoft.com/en-au/library/gg425841.aspx
Bandwidth can be monitored using specific software. Net meter is an example of a program which is free to download: http://www.hootech.com/NetMeter/


These are some examples of resources that you may use to support learners.

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A tutorial on how to access a Skype for Business meeting.

Managing Audio
Audio problems are common in webinars. Here are some tips to troubleshoot audio issues in webinars.

No Sound in Windows
Identify and fix common sound problems in Microsoft Windows.

Set up Audio for Skype for Business
Tutorial that demonstrates how to access and set audio and video for a Skype meeting.