Site visits and face-to-face support

Junita traveled to each organisation and had meetings with all organisations involved. She handed out Guidelines and agreements for each organisation to sign up to the project.
Any site that required extra support was able to access extra site visits.

Travelled to Heyfield to discuss how they can implement a blended delivery, Junita and Heather discussed the prepare to study course with an added prepare to work component, Junita met with Anita online to instruct her on how to deliver an online course.
The course target audience will be young mums returning to work the learners will come into the centre where childcare is available . Anita will be the trainer who will teach the learners how to manage the Moodle and complete the course.
Heyfield also decided to deliver an online Windows 8 course developed by Instructional designer Kathryn Matthews for Buchan that will now be given to Heyfield.
Heyfield will also look at the 21st century skills course that has been purchased by the project.
Courses will start in late February at the centre.

Spent time with Sharon Hyatt and Glenda McPhee to discuss what they had on their minds for a blended delivery using the moodle with their learners.
Noweyung will develop a blended hospitality delivery with learners working at tasks hands on with the Moodle for reinforcement. The aim will be to offer the learners the skills and knowledge to understand food safety. Junita was able to assist and gave Noweyung documents workbooks and 4 PPTs that they can cherry pick what they need to develop there course.
Noweyung hope to start implementing second term. Sharon will Train the cookery teacher in the use of Moodle and she will join the online Moodle and mentoring training that will be delivered by Junita Lyon and Kathryn Matthews.

Spent time with Karen Fliesher at the Paynesville NC and found that she was keen to try the prepare to Study course with the prepare to work component. I have offered extra support
Karen will wait till next term before she delivers the blended delivery and needs more training .Karen introduced a new trainer Lorraine Heywood to the Moodle and we will help her develop her skills
Karen is organising a website and has asked for extra training to get her up to speed
Junita returned to Paynesville to take Karen further through the Moodle.

Cooinda Hill
Visited and spoke at length to Bruce Mapperson about how a blended delivery would work for his disability students. He felt he wanted to have a meeting with his tutors before any decision about what they would deliver was put in place. We both felt the learners would need specific tools to help in their learning. Movies activities and information without too much text.
He was keen to join the next PD day so they could identify needs and pathways.

Visited Vesna at GEST and although she was hesitant we established a starting point once she realised that a blended delivery could be any amount of content such as only 10% of the whole content or even higher. She listened and took notes and said she will meet with Diane Carson to determine what courses they will consider for a blended delivery and they will let me know. Josie also visited them during the project to further encourage participation. GEST now has two courses on Moodle and will also soon be delivering the Intel digital literacy program.
I also met with Mandy Billingsley from GEST and introduced her to the project

Buchan is where the facilitators work on a regular basis. Buchan have been delivering a Blended learning program for a couple of years. Katt Matthews has developed a windows 8 blended course and will start delivery in February. Both Fiona and Junita will visit a number of small organisations that will join the course.Fiona to Mallacoota and Junita to Orbost.