TELC TEST Monday 24th November 2014

Thank you to those who participated in the TELC test run with Federation Training Morwell and the Gippsland Connect Project. Accessing Federation TELC Video Conferencing at our Learn Local Centres will give us better access to communication and training opportunities in areas that are rural and remote to services.

The TELC test was conducted to trial the new Polycom system now being used by all of Federation Training. We wanted to see how easy it was for Learn Locals to download the program and the connectivity. We also wanted to test the use of the video conferencing and simultaneous presentations (i.e. Powerpoint) and how these interacted when using just the one monitor.

Prior to the test
Each site downloaded the Polycom program (Polycom Real Presence) and saved it to the desktop that they were going use for the test, ideally with a large screen/monitor with a microphone and speaker. The program can also be used on personal computers using a headset and mic.
When first registering you are asked for an email address which was provided by Federation Training.
There was also a web address that also needed to be entered.
Guest Accounts and user names were established at each of the centres.

On the Day
A timetable for connection from 10am with each centre connecting every half hour was established and each centre contacted Federation Training by phone to confirm the start of their connection. This also enabled the centres to discuss any difficulties they may have been experiencing and to take the centres through the connection process.
The following centres participated with interesting outcomes.

10am Heyfield Community Centre.
Successful link up with some slight adjustments however an electrical storm going through the area and power outages occurred. They had to abandon the test but were following up with another session on another day to see how the Power Point Presentations would present. At the time of the video conferencing session there were 4 computers connected using the system. Heyfield, Bairnsdale (Federaton Training) and 2 at Morwell (Federation Training)

11am Lakes Entrance.
Unable to participate on the day but are arranging another link up in the future.

11.30 am Gippsland Employment Skills Training
Able to download program successfully but unable to fully connect. Suspected Firewall blocking the connection.
They could see themselves on camera. Gest were following up on the firewall problems and another test planned to be completed.

12.00 noon Orbost Tele Centre.
Completed on the Tuesday 25th between 9 to 12
A successful test with sound and video working. In addition the test ran a ‘fixed end point’ at Warragul who joined into the session as well. Orbost was able to see and hear this video conference room as well.

12.30 Mallacoota.
Computers at the centre operate on different systems and through a Central Health Service. Trouble shooting needed to be followed up with the IT contact at the Health Service.

To improve communications and to have a back up to TECL video conferencing system we have identified that it would be advantageous for centres to have access to Lync.
A Remote access option to the computers would also enable sharing computer screens to assist with IT troubleshooting. Most Microsoft programs from 2010 has this option.
We always see our failures as successes which is why we need to test the process and find out what happens with certain internet set ups