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Listen to The feedback from Heyfield Coordinator Heather Coleman

The first step was to find a team of Learn Local Tutors to think about how they could deliver a 2 hour online course from TELC to the Heyfield Resource Centre where 7 learners would learn using online platforms and blended delivery.
I chose Katt Mathews for her extensive knowledge of technology and her skill and expertise as an online facilitator and instructional design and Mandy Billingsley for her attention to detail on documentation and course development. Both have skills that complement each other.

The course chosen by Heyfield was a Facebook for beginners 6 learners were keen to experience an online delivery of the content using a flip classroom model by the tutors. Planning began about developing the content and meetings were called to establish job tasks and how we would action the day.
Katt Matthews with the assistance of Mandy Billingsley setv about developing the content that they would deliver together. We wanted both women to experience the TELC so that they could reflect on new ways that would make the learning engaging.

Heyfield Pilot Project Wednesday 16th October 2013
Webinar Facebook
Technical Planning
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We sent Heather a USB stick with the Jabber program on it and Malcolm arranged for an account, this failed so Malcolm and Junita troubleshooted the problem and Malcolm invited Heyfield to a Jabber meet after Junita explained how to do it.

Evelyn also sent the link to Net Meter so that we could record usage on the day

Malcolm and Heather had a test run on Jabber earlier in the week to ensure that her program was working. This was successful.
Due to other commitments and holidays we were unable to fully the test the program until the morning of the class.Evelyn took a directional microphone and the wide lens camera which we bought from the Capacity Grant Funds

One of the steps was to ensure that all the other microphones recognised by the computer were disabled in particular the camera which has its own mic to make it all work. It was also very useful having a wireless keyboard and mouse so that we were able to operate the equipment anywhere in the room the room itself had all the computers on ready for when the students would connect themselves..

Heyfield was also using a desk top computer instead of a lap top to present the TELC.
We don’t really don’t know if this would have made any difference or not. But feel confident that the ADSL was the winner.

We also turned our mic off at Heyfield when it was not needed. There seemed to be very little if any delay in the broadcast this time although when we moved the TELC tutors lost our picture but we did not loose them.

It was necessary to have a support tutor in the room to assist with the hands on delivery part of the course and to moderate the webinar Evelyn and Junita were there on the day but Anita could manage it herself.

We had our Lync accounts running on our own computers for communication as Jabber does not allow of text chat in case we needed it
We had the Blackboard collaborate room as a backup in case Jabber did not work

We printed and took the handouts with us for the session that were sent through from Katt and Mandy. There may have been too many handouts and we could put them into a moodle or something like that if they don’t need them on the day for future references
The webinar used 362.22 kibits during the testing from 11am to 1pm as we did not stay connected the entire time. During the 2 hour webinar the system used 1.660GB.

At no time using ADSL+2 internet connection did we lose connectivity and we also had no problems with the video broadcast even when presenter moved around in the TELC room. Gippsland TAFE did experience some problems when we moved around the room at Heyfield.

The pilot project worked really well.
Staff at Heyfield now have the skills to run webinar with Gippsland TELC without our assistance as there staff have good IT skills and besides not having the necessary mic and camera have all the other equipment necessary. They will be able to participate in projects with them in the future.
We encouraged 2 people from Heyfield to attend our webinar on using Windows 8 for The Buchan Project the next day using Blackboard Collaborate.

Below is a summary for learner evalutions.
Overall 60% found this way of accessing training to be excellent, 20% found t to be very good.