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Gippsland Learn and Connect partnered with GippsTAFE TELC Champion Malcolm Jolley to deliver an accredited food safety short course at Buchan Neighbourhood House Learn Local in September 2013. Malcolm developed a strategy with Buchan to find a way of linking up. The Buchan Neighbourhood House technical adviser Robyn and Malcolm were able to connect to the TELC centre in Morwell to the Neighbourhood House Learn Local . The audio did not work but that was solved at the TELC end. Junita travelled to Morwell TELC at GippsTAFE on Monday 26th August to undergo training with the Safe Food Handling teacher who will deliver the course through the TELC.

Below some images of the actual training day - real blended learning in action enabled by the TELC video link.

Connection happens between TELC and Buchan Neighbourhood House Learn Local 80% success.

Below a short summary of the testing and delivery challenges and achievements:
Test run 1:
Malcolm and Junita visited Buchan to test the Jabber program at Buchan.
We required our IT technical support Robyn Cummings to iron out some of the problems and what we needed to successfully conduct the course. Identified the need to purchase camera and microphone and lead $205.90.
Identified that due to our internet connection and up to date IT equipment we were able to use the program and connect without any difficulties. We do have to turn off all other programs using internet in the building on staff and user computers. We will need to bring in dongles or hotspots to still have the Neighbourhood House be able to access the internet for administration and other users during the webinar.
Learn Locals would need to assess their equipment quality and availability to be able to also offer the same online opportunities. I.E. Smart TV with sound cards, microphones, cameras, and good internet.
We created a flyer to promote the class to local residents and had no difficulty in getting the 5 participants require for the project. We advertised the class in our Neighbourhood House Newsletter delivered to all households in our region (220 copies) to also access the demand for SFH in our region. In the end we booked 6 participants and have the possibility to have 3 more participants and 1 person interested in the Supervisors course.

Test run 2 :
Disappointed that the technology to be used only gave the opportunity to be beamed from GippsTAFE to one Lear Local centre. At this stage participants need to come to Buchan NH to attend and cannot access the class from home or from another centre.
The software we are using is Jabber. it allows for video conferencing but uses a great deal of internet download capacity. We will monitor this with Net Meter on the
day and report on the internet use and cost as well as how well our internet copes with the demands of video conferencing.
In the mean time we were able to register with Jabber through the skills of Junita and Katt and set up accounts.
Used the program successfully between the 3 of us to test our accounts.

Test run 3:
Set up room for best quality viewing and listening and had another practice run with new camera and microphones.
We still needed around 10 to 15 minutes for the program to work properly.
  • Resources required to conduct the classes
  • Staff that can set up the link and equipment at the learn local centre as well as open the centre
  • Promotional material, printing costs and knowledge of the community and their needs and interests
  • IT equipment and internet connection
  • Power costs/Heating and cooling/room hire
  • Access to tea and coffee
Some Concerns
  • Duration of an online course 9am to 4pm is very long
  • Internet failure
  • Back up required. BBC or tutor available at the centre
  • Course delivery not changed to suit online delivery

D day! Thursday 12the September 2013
8.30am Open centre and set up Equipment Evelyn Schmidt
9.00am Class Starts Kellie Fraser on screen
4.30 Class finished
It ended up being a primarily face-to-face day with a GippsTAFE trainer in Buchan doing the bulk of the work. The students were happy as they still received their certificate at the end of hte day and most were very intrigued by the technology and the potential benefits it would bring to a mall isolated community.

Outcomes of the video conferencing.
We should have plugged Linda’s computer into our data projector so that on the day when all else failed that she also had this option to use.
The main problem that occurred when we connected through the internet through video conferencing was our bandwidth upload - it just could not cope.
Below is a copy of Evelyn's summary and evaluation of the pilot:

Evaluation summary:

Below a copy of the evluation summary conducted with the participants.
Overall 66% found this way of accessing training to be excellent & 33% found it to be very good