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Herding Cats....

On the 16th September 2013 we ran our first TELC session - an intro to all Gippsland Learn Locals.
It was a well attended day at the TELC was well received by learn Local coordinators and staff.
The room was full of keen educators and coordinators from across the Gippsland region all were put to work brainstorming and developing strategies about how the TELC could work with Learn Local Involved.
They discussed the positives that could benefit their organisations.
Everyone was introduced to The TELC technolgy by being involved in an interactive day.
All participants were addressed by the TELC on arrival and an introduction by the tutor was beamed to the main TELC room.

Activities were then started where attendees watched a video entitled Herding Cats and discussed the following :

The teacher beamed in from “elsewhere” introduces herself and welcomes student o the TELC 101 class.
The Phrase herding cats means: The phrase herding cats comes from the common saying that something involving coordination of many different groups or people is as difficult as herding cats. One of the commonly encountered uses is "Managing students is like herding cats". It refers to the individualism common in the stereotypical examples of students and domesticated cats.
Asks group to relate video to experiences they have had in teaching, learning or co-ordinating their centres. What strategies did they use to herd their cats?
Participants get 10 mins to brainstorm, group report back to remote teacher who writes up the feedback on the whiteboard for all to see.

The project team documented the brainstorm and the ways everyone thought the TELC could be used. We discussed the positives and negatives and it was added to a whiteboard while being discussed.
Butchers paper and group activities took place with many ideas being shared.
We then had a demonstration by the TELC staff in using the TELC and how body language played a role this was then followed up with another demonstration by Heyfield tutor Anita in the smaller TELC room.
Lunch was served and everyone was excited at what they had seen.

We met in a training room after lunch where we heard about the project Pilot at Buchan and the positive and negative of how the pilot Safe food Handling worked.
Josie also gave a project out line and invited the learn Locals to ask questions and become further involved in the project.
The head of the GippsTAFE TELC and Malcolm Jolly and Jim Vivian answered questions about how the TELC could be part of this partnering project and that a cost would be incurred for Learn Locals to use the TELC in the future to deliver there own sessions.
Feedback about the day was fantastic and Heyfield put their hand up for the next Pilot.

Download the full session plan here:

Waht id the participants think? Is there a future for TELC in learn Local? Download the evaluation and feedback received though an online survey: