Technology Enabled Learning Centres allow training to be delivered to remote locations via video conferencing software. Learners attend a central location to participate in the web conference and maybe supported by a facilitator. This technology allows for collaboration between locations and opens access to training opportunities not readily available in rural and remote areas. back.png

Video Conferencing Software

Video conferencing software allows communication through video and audio via an internet connection. This website provides an explanation of video conferencing software and its features.

What is web conferencing software?

Gippsland Connect uses the following software.


Skype for Business

Software Support for Skype for Business

Managing Bandwidth

Available bandwidth can affect the quality of audio and video during conferencing. Features of video conferencing software use different amounts of bandwidth: For example: Text transfer uses minimal while video transfer requires high amounts. This information is available for the different video conferencing platforms.

For example: Skype for Business

Bandwidth can be monitored using specific software. Net meter is an example of a program which is free to download: