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The GIppsland Learn and Connect Team: three different locations - one team! From left to right:

Josie Rose - Project Manager; Junita Lyon - Project Officer; Marie Baird - CAE guest facilitator; Katt Matthews- Moodle Administrator; Evelyn Schmidt - Lead Agent ; Fiona Ross - moderation project facilitator.

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The Heyfield manager talks about their first TELC experience

Malcolm and Josie Introduce the projects and the TELC environment

Students and Teachers

TELC induction session: 20 teachers and managers from 7 organisations attended the day.
Download the results of an online survey that inducates their level in interest in pursuing the TELC as a delivery option, and what their challenges and opportunities may be.

The students were amazed with the actual interaction that was available with the tutors. The students’ previous experience with Facebook ranged from none to competent, their ages ranged from 35 to 55 and they were 50/50 male/female. All students readily interacted during the lessons.
Comments made by the students were all positive and the consensus being that they would be happy to participate in lessons conducted in this manner.
Heyfield coordinator

The use of you tube clips and other online content was really a hit for the students and the fact that they were in a closed group and could exchange questions and ideas was a big plus. The ability to open multiple pages and programs was a new skill for most and they considered themselves to be quite confident by the conclusion of the course.
Of the 8 students only 1 dropped out and that was because he got a job.
Heyfield co-ordinator

Buchan TELC Safe Food Handling

The students who participated in the Buchan safe food handling trial 50% found the training excellent and 50% very good. This was despite some significant technology challenges on the day.
One student commented: "the team did everything to carry on and proceed. Good job!" And also; "we understand that this was a trial and if the internet connection worked it would have been great!" The consesnsus was that it was an enjoyable day and all participatns werre happy because they walked away with their food handling qualification.

“The Buchan Neighbourhood House being a rural and remote Learn Local in East Gippsland identified the value of offering blended delivery to our community so that we could join with other smaller Learn Local’s or Neighbourhood Houses in being able to join learners together to provide a sustainable delivery of programs. We often only have 2 or 3 participants interested in completing courses and if we join with another couple of centres with around the same numbers we could create better class sizes. It would also give some of our learners the opportunity to even stay at home to complete courses and to get to know other learners in other communities. This could also address some of the issues associated with isolation in rural areas. We also have greater access to tutors that can be based anywhere in the state. Learn Local providers in our region over the past 5 years have dwindled in numbers quite substantially and we saw blended delivery as a way to possibly continue the delivery of pre accredited training to the area.”

Heyfield Facebook TELC delivery

Heyfield students rated their Facebook course as follows: 60% thought it was excellent with the others rating it either good or very good. Comments were:
"Everything worked well and I enjoyed the course".
"The pace was suited to the group. A huge success! Flexible and relaxed learning".
"Everything worked well. I enjoyed it and will join more".

Feedback on Moodle PD sessions:

Thank you for providing me with very useful information - I believe that this technology will assist the students I provide training to greater opportunities to success.
I can adapt this to my workplace. More training is required.
Just continue to have this Moodle facility available and the expert assistance and training programs or workshops.