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Technology Enabled Learning Centres allow training to be delivered to remote locations via video conferencing software. Learners attend a central location to participate in the web conference and maybe supported by a facilitator.

This technology allows for collaboration between locations and opens access to training opportunities not readily available in rural and remote areas.
Examples of Video or web conferencing software:

  • Skype
  • WebEx
  • Adobe Connect
  • GoToMeeting

Teaching Skills

In addition to the skills identified as relevant for Web-in-Classroom teaching, teachers need the following skills to present learning through video conferencing software:

  • Online presentation skills
  • Sound knowledge of videoconferencing software For Example: Understand the functions of the camera when presenting
  • Ability to engage learners online – ice breakers, presentation skills, apply principles of adult learning and conduct engaging learning activities
  • Ability to incorporate employability skills into online training sessions
  • Understand delay in delivery when presenting – audio and visual For Example: When asking questions, allow time for participants in remote locations time to unmute microphones

Equipment & Resources
  • Access to word processing, spreadsheet and slide show applications
  • Access to internet

Basic IT skills

  • Presentation applications to create visual presentation aids
  • Word processing applications to create running sheets, session plans
  • Save files in different formats. For Example: save slide show as images
  • Send files digitally For Example: Handouts for presentation
  • Ability to create, send and collect responses to online surveys and respond appropriately to feedback in the online environment. For example: Survey Monkey, Google Forms


Equipment & Resources

  • Fast & stable Internet connection
  • Where applicable, access to internet and email for staff
  • Large Screen Televisions, videoconferencing software, microphones, web cams, projectors
  • Online Survey software accounts For example: Survey Monkey
  • Online collaborative programs such as MS Lync & MS Office 365

  • Resources: For example; How to Guides – platform, netiquette, file sharing software
  • Electronic copies of policy and procedures For Example: Work Health and Safety, Student Code of Conduct
  • Training for presenters & students in using specific platforms, tools, email, internet, software such as word-processing, slide shows


Equipment & Resources
  • May require an email account – to enrol in course, receive course information
  • Learners may use personal laptops, tablets or smart phones for note taking