Teaching/training is 100% face-to-face and delivered in a conventional classroom. Learning activities are facilitator-led and include a range of structured activities including the use of some technology.
Here are some resources that will support Web-in-Class activities. back.png


A series of online tutorials covering a range of topics including information technology, Microsoft Office, maths, reading and job seeking skills.

Tools Directory by Joan Hart

A directory of learning and performance tools has been collected over many years by Joan Hart. The tools have been organised into categories and can be used in Web-in-Class learning activities.

VET Teachers E-learning Toolkit

The Toolkit identifies the minimum web and desktop-based functionality requirements needed to support e-learning in vocational education and training (VET) organisations
It is supported by “Commonly used E-Learning Applications and Tools in VET” a lists of applications that VET e-learning practitioners find useful in developing and delivering E-learning
The license requirements for the tools are listed and most tools are free to use.

Intel Easy Steps Online

Intel’s digital literacy program is a modular learning program which develops skills in basic technology and is supported by the ACFE Board as an option for pre-accredited digital literacy delivery.

Digital Literacy for Mobile Phones

This is a free resource kit develop by AMES which aims to develop digital literacy skills and literacy and language skills in culturally and linguistically diverse (CALD) adult learners. It can also be used with other learners such as those in foundation skills programs.

Internet Basics

An Australian government website that takes learners through the basics of using the internet.

Copyright Law

Teachers often create learning activities and need to ensure compliance with copyright law as it relates to text, images, video, sound recordings, artistic works and music. They need to ensure that learners are aware of copyright when they undertake research activities.

The Australian Copyright Council is an independent, not for profit organisation which represents peak bodies for Australian artists and content creators.

Smartcopying is the official guide to copyright for schools and TAFEs in Australia and is managed by the National Copyright Unit.

Creative Commons licences provide a simple standardised way for individual creators, companies and institutions to share their work with others on flexible terms without infringing copyright. The licences allow users to reuse, remix and share the content legally.


There is a comprehensive range of videos available which cover many topics and can be used in different ways to support learning.

Teacher Tube is a free, education-based community for sharing instructional videos and content for teachers and students.

Youtube is a free video sharing community which is open to everyone.

Vimeo is a free video sharing community which has the option of purchasing a Vimeo Pro account to access more features.

Professional Development

21st Century Skills Online Course

This course is self-paced and delivered fully online. It is designed for teachers and develops digital literacy skills which can be used in blended delivery and e-learning.
Gippsland Connect Moodle http://gippslandlearnlocal.trainingvc.com.au/

ACFE funded PD sessions

The Adult, Community and Further Education Board supports quality teaching by providing personal development opportunities for Learn Local managers and teachers.
Information is provided to managers via email and can also be accessed here:

Computer Skills

The GCFLearnFree.org program is an online repository of tutorials which provide tuition in 21st Century skills. These tutorials are free and range from ICT skills through language and literacy. Technology tutorials.

Webinars and Training Days

Adult Learning Australia https://ala.asn.au/
VET Development Centre http://www.vetcentre.vic.edu.au/events
Gippsland Connect http://gippslandlearnandconnect.acfe.vic.edu.au/Newsletters+and+Events

Free On-line Courses

Coursera https://www.coursera.org/courses
MOOC List Australia https://www.mooc-list.com/countrys/australia
MOOCs at Boxhill TAFE http://mooc.bhtafe.edu.au/course/index.php
Intel Teach Elements - Online Professional Development