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Blended Delivery
In the context of e-learning, blended learning is a mix of teaching methods usually involving a component of online, self-paced, learning and a component of face-to-face instructor led learning.

There are many potential variations of blended learning.

Pre-accredited training focuses on a learner-centred approach and blended learning provides a range of activities and resources which address this. The range of technologies available allow for collaborative group work and individual study which address various learning styles and develop employability skills.

These case studies illustrate some of these variations in the context of pre-accredited training.

Case Studies

Case Study 1

This case study describes a blend of Technology Enabled Learning Centre delivery supported by Face-to-Face instruction and focuses on the e-skills used to plan, organise, deliver and report the workshop.

Employability Skills and the Pre-accredited Quality Framework Workshop

Case Study 2