2013 - July 2014
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The Gippsland Learn and Connect Project aims to work in partnership with a range of educational providers in Gippsland to develop an online blended delivery model which will offer training to smaller and often isolated Gippsland communities.
Experience in delivering the ACFE Board funded e-mentor project to smaller, more isolated communities across East Gippsland in the past five years has highlighted the fact that there is a growing need for online blended delivery options that can be aggregated across Learn Locals and their partners.

The possibility of collaborating with other larger educational providers in Gippsland with state of the art technology through the Technology Enabled Learning Centres assisted our project aims and significantly enhanced the participating Learn Local’s ability to support quality delivery in their community.

Access to online technology allowed the project to assist regional and remote learners to participate in pre-accredited (digital literacy classes) and a wider range of accredited training delivery. The project has the potential to support regional and rural Learn Locals to connect with the learners and other educational institutions to provide accessible and meaningful pathways to education and employment in their community. The technology also has the potential to allow for access to experts in their fields across the country to deliver training through Learn Locals in the remote areas of Gippsland.

The project team sourced high end good quality teaching resources available to learners any time any place through an online learning platform. Providing access to an online learning platform available to all participating Learn Locals aggregates the cost of maintenance and development and allows for innovation at a local level.

The Gippsland Learn and Connect project team collaborated with project partners to develop a targeted professional development program for nominated participating Learn Local Organisations. This project focussed specifically on training teachers on the latest delivery techniques and technology available to them, and provided them with the tools, knowledge and skills they need to introduce new technologies and new pedagogies into their classrooms.
The team also reported on the infrastructure requirements for Learn Locals in successfully supporting this initiative.

Project outcomes:

1. Successful trial of 3 online technology enabled blended learning course in each of at least three centres.
2. Research data outlining the benefits, the challenges and potential of blended online learning in smaller Gippsland
3. Increased access to education for learners.
4. Clearly articulated pathways for participating learners.
5. Greater collaboration between Learn Locals, TAFE and Learn Local RTOs in the use of technology enabled
teaching solutions.
6. An online network (CoP) for Learn Local teachers in Gippsland.

We also anticipate that the measured and appropriate use of technology will enhance the range and scope of
delivery for the organizations – therefore supporting community sustainability, as well as increasing the reach
and retention of students and therefore supporting organisational sustainability. The technology allows for the
increase of the standard of teaching within the Learn Locals by delivering tailored PD remotely. The centre
managers are very enthusiastic about the potential of this project, as it will enable them to extend their reach
into the community and provide contact with learners who have not traditionally accessed their services.

Auspicing arrangements and/or MOUs with the local RTOs will also increase potential partnerships.

The successes and lessons learned from this project will enable the project team to report to the regional
manager of the South Eastern Region of DEECD to look at how we can extend the model, the network and
the online learning options to support the entire region in time.

The state government funded TELC project, specifically designed to increase participation in education
across the South Eastern region has significant potential in supporting our project aims. This is an
excellent opportunity to work with Learn Locals ready, able and willing to take on the challenge of next
generation technology in preparation of the introduction of the NBN.

In terms of longer term viability, we anticipated that the participating organisations will continue to maximise
the use of technology in their organisation, partner with the TAFEs and Learn Local RTOs to do that, and promote
their successes to the larger Gippsland community.

For more information please contact:
Josie Rose Project Manager:
Gippsland Learn and Connect
T| 9652 0710 T|
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